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We specialize in balanced flow pumps that offer variable speed and constant pressure control. It is designed exclusively for submersible well pumps. It monitors the motor current draw, voltage, temperature, and loss of pressure.

The perfect water pump for your home

When you're looking to buy or replace a water pump, contact the experts at L F Easterday, Well Drilling for the best advice and pump selection.  


We've been in business since 1935, and we have the skills and expertise to offer you the very best in water pump systems. If you're experiencing difficulty with your water pump, call us for assistance.

Not only do we offer you superior installation services for water pumps but we also offer you repair and maintenance services in order to keep your pumps running in top condition.

The best in water pumps

Installations, repairs, and maintenance for your pump

"We have water - Cool, sweet water! From the moment you diagnosed the problem till the drill team arrived, we knew we were in honest, experienced hands."

- Kenneth G. Murphy

Utilizing balanced flow pumps to make your life simpler.

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